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Related post: Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2004 19:24:08 dirty young girl -0700 (PDT) From: Jan Subject: Panties to Protistitution / Lesbian / Hookers / Adulr Youth (g/F, f/F)Warning:This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts prostitution between a young girl and women. If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it.Author's Note:This story is the property of the author. It can be downloaded for personal reading pleasure or sending to a friend, but if you wish to re-post them at your own site, please contact the author for permission.Copyright 2004 Jan, All Rights Reserved.Please mail to if you have suggestions for future stories. Panties to Prostitution By Jan Harriet sat in the corner of the holding cell. She tried to put up a tough front. She didn't want anyone knowing she was just a punk pretty young thing kid. It was just a few hours ago that she had been busted in the back seat of a Lexus with the owner of the car. Her face buried between the owner's legs in a public parking lot. She had presented the police with a fake identification young pre nude and was hopping she would get away with out them finding out that she was only fifteen and that the name on the ID wasn't hers. The holding tank was filled with drunken women, street walkers and other unsavory types. A young slut rape hard looking peroxide blonde in cheep fake fur came over and sat down next to her Gay young caucasian on the simple bench attached to the floor. As she asked, "What you in for honey?" some drunk threw up in the steel sink; the smell quickly filling the cell and making everyone else feel sick too. Harriet young rompl pics wanted to tell this woman to fuck off but she was too afraid to say that. She looked at her and said, "I don't know what they booked me for." "What did they catch you doing?" "Some cops caught me in the back seat of a car with a woman sucking my pussy." "Did they say anything about soliciting?" "No something about immoral act in public." "Is this your first time being busted?" "Yes!" "How old are you honey?" She looked around and whispered, "My I D says I'm 20." "How old are you really?" "I'm really 15." She said behind a cupped hand. The woman really got interested by this. "Real..... jailbait...What happened to the other woman?" "She is in the cell next door." The woman looked in the direction of the other cell. Harriet pointed toward the other woman. The blonde cased her up in one glance. She was obviously a woman of some means. She was dressed too nicely to be a regular in the lock-up. The whore, who introduced herself as Shelly, asked her, "How did you picked up this woman or did she young girlsxxx pick you up?" young russian nudists Harriet thought about lying about how it happened but felt that if she didn't the truth the woman would tell her what happened anyway. "I hung out near a lesbian bar and when I saw her come out and stop at a dinner I sat in a booth where she could see me. I crossed and uncrossed my legs until she saw me thumbnails young porn and she never took her eyes off my panties. When I paid for my coke and got up and left the dinner I watched to see if she followed me. I saw that she was paying her bill at the counter so I slowed down russian youngest to give her a chance to catch up. "When she walked up along side of me she asked if I was looking for a good time. young webcams I asked her what she meant by a good time. She told me she would love to take a good, long look at my panties. I said youngest sexi girls "Do you mean right here on the street?" babyes younger fuck She laughed and said she had a car. When she stopped old with young in front of late model Lexus I was impressed." "She drove us to a parking lot under an apartment and parked in a space. After that she invited me into the back seat for more room. We kissed each other for awhile as the woman felt me up. At her request I lowered my panties and she went down on me." "That was when that a flashlight shinned through the window. It was a cop and he pulled us out and cuffed both of us and brought us in here." Shelly said, "If they find out you are a minor they will send you to juvenile hall and contact you parents." "I don't sweet young porn want my parents to find out what I did." Everything was quiet by this time. There was just the snoring of some women and the smell of alcohol, perfume, sweat and of course the now stale puck. Shelly turned around on the bench so that young muscle boys she could lean against the table and stretch out her legs. Harriet did the same. The woman wrapped her arms around Harriet's shoulders and said, "As long as were up. Why don't you tell me young asian lollita all about yourself from the beginning?" Harriet had to think about that for a moment. She rested her head on the whore's big breast. She could tell that she was not wearing a bra. She younger baby nude pictured the whore standing on the corner of some street lifting her tank top to expose her tits to men youngest illegal pussies in passing cars and she young pre cuties found the image to be exciting. Here was an adult woman who earned her living by renting out the use litle young pussy of her vagina and other body orifices to strangers. Other than the fact that her customers were men she envied the whore her life style. "What is your name?" The Whore said, "My name is Shelly." dirty young schoolgirls "I don't remember when I found out I liked playing with my pussy. I do remember squatting down and peeing right through my panties. I also remember a baby sitter holding me on her lap and pulling my panties aside and rubbing her finger between my legs. She even kissed me there sometimes. She helped me play with hers and encouraged me to kiss it. I don't know for sure when I found out that I could get other girls fucking youngest giirl to play with my pussy but I know it was before kindergarten. I would play on the jungle gyms in the park a lot. When other girls were around I would hang upside down from my knees. Some of the other girls would stand in front of me and rub my panties. When there weren't a lot of people around I would look under their dresses and kiss their panties. The park was my favorite place to play. If I found a girl that like to rub my panties I would invite her home where we could play more. In the back of our property I would get them in a secluded part of the yard where no one could see us. I would get them to take off their panties and I would remove mine. We would take turns sitting on each other's faces. I did that a lot. When I started school I noticed a young 12yo porn shy girl that followed me into the girl's bathroom when I went to pee. The toilet stalls did not Kirsty young photographs have doors so the girl could see me with my lola young teen skirt up. I spread my legs and let her watch me pee. When I was finished I wiped my pussy with my hand and pulled my panties up. She never took her eyes off of me as I approached and stood next to her to wash my hands. I asked her if she liked what she saw and she blushed and nodded her head up and down. I asked young tenny sex her if she would like to play later and she agreed. After school I called my mother from a phone booth and asked if I could go home with my friend from school. She told youngest fucked me it was all right as long as I was home by dinner. When we got to her home and I met her mother we went to her bedroom. She showed me her dolls and stuff. Then we sat facing each other and started hugging and kissing. We were soon feeling each other up. I was pulling my panties to one side and inviting her to play with my pussy. She stroked me to my delight young anal hungary and when I placed my hand on the back of her head she leaned forward and kissed my young girls kiss pussy. I humped her face until I felt a very exciting rush run through amateur young fucking my body. She became my private toy. I young ls nn took her everyplace. I would have her suck my pussy young girls erotic in the bathroom stalls at dirty young nubiles school and in the movies houses. young children nudes I delighted in shocking adult women in the theaters. Sometimes in sleazy theaters we youngtop fuck would even get a group of women standing around watching. If anyone complained to management we managed to get our panties up and denied everything. Sometimes we were bared from returning to a theater by management. One time a women was sitting on a bench facing the playground. I was so involved showing off my panties porn too young to fucks youngest girls a couple of girls trying to get them to play with me. I hardly even noticed the women as she sat there knitting quietly. When the other girls left to go home I started to leave and as I passed the woman she said "nice panties". I stopped and turned toward young teenporn toplist her thinking she was going to get me in trouble. Instead she told free young pyssy me that she liked nice panties and liked to touch them. I was intrigued by the idea that a woman likes to play my games. She told me she lived nearby and as she stood to young japanese gallery put her knitting into her bag she held out her hand. I took it and we walked to her home. It was a nicely kept little house that smelled of lilacs. She made hot young lesbos us both a tall glass of iced tea and we sat side by side on her small davenport." Shelly was getting turned fuck very young on hearing this girl's story. She pulled her closer and put her hand in Harriet's lap. She started stroking her panties slowly as the girl went on with her tale of seduction. Harriet went on with her story. "The woman watched me drink down my tea very quickly. I must have been thirstier than I thought. She offered me her glass and I drank it too. Then the woman asked me if I would sit on her lap and I did. She pulled up my skirt and touched the front of my panties with her fingertips. I hugged her because it felt so good. young tennie fucked She put her hand inside the waistband of my panties and stroked me very gently. I was very young children tgp young fuck pics excited when she removed her hand to smell her fingers. They were shinning from the moisture between the valley of my cunt. I could smell her fingers as she moved her hand to her face. She even sucked young horny teens on her fingers. She sat me on her davenport and leaned over and kissed my crotch. Then she asked me to spread my legs for her and I did. She licked me like no one had ever licked me. It lasted a long time and felt so good. I don't think I ever climaxed then. It just got so that her tongue felt like it would drive me crazy. She sat up and reached under her dress and lifted her butt just enough to slip her panties off. She handed them to me. They were old panties and worn thin from many washings. They were warm to the touch. She held them to my cheek and I felt the heat. Then I smelled exploited young girls the odor of an adult woman's pussy in the panties. She held them to my nose and filled my head with the aroma of the woman's panties. There was even a trace of brown in the seat of her panties. I found that I even liked the smell of that too. The woman scooted her butt to the edge of the cushion and spread her legs as she placed her heels on the cushion. I knelt in front of her. I with her help I tasted my first adult pussy. It was the first time I was ever that close to a woman with pubic hair. I was in a state of rapture while lapping at her pussy. When I licked her clitoris she screamed for me to keep that up. I was not about to stop doing that to her. When she climaxed she closed her legs around my head and held it in place young sister nude until she stopped breathing hard. By the time she was ready to let go of my head I had the strongest urge to pee. When I pussy young nue asked her if I could use her bathroom she led me there by the hand. I thought she would leave me to do my business but she didn't. She sat me on the toilet with my panties still up. She sat in front of me and encouraged me to pee right through the material. I watched the amber liquid flow out of the material and run down to the lowest point before dripping into the toilet. She placed her mouth over the flow of liquid and swallowed the urine as fast as she could. When I was done she wiped my crotch with paper. That was my first adult. From young panty modles then nudists young pre on I looked for ways to expose my panties to adult women. Most didn't seem to notice or looked away as if they were embarrassed. Some gave me a look of pure disgust and muttered thing that I could not hear but which I assume were not very flattering. But when I did attract an adult it was heaven. The best was the time I went nude young nuns to a restaurant that was very classy. I put on my best clothes and dressed like a prim and proper school girl. I deliberately had the matre d' seat me in the back where I could watch everyone. Food was not the reason I was there. I ordered tea and a simple salad. I nibbled on bread sticks as I reviewed the candidates and selected my target. The room had a number of women that would have been fun making a pass at. Then a woman entered and was seated at a table in a direct line from my table and facing me. The woman was very nice looking. She looked like the kind of woman that could be a lawyer or a bank president or some other important person. Middle youngest little nude aged, hair styled very nicely and lacquered so that every strand was in place. Her suit was expensive and fit her body like a glove. Everything was color coordinated reflecting a great deal of thought in her selection of the wardrobe. I could not help smiling at her. She smiled back at me and lifted her water glass in a toasting jester that I returned. When I was sure young cum shots she was looking at toplist young angels me again I uncrossed my legs in a manner that afforded her a view of my white panties. Then I crossed the other leg. The woman's face became flushed and she smiled at me again. Just to make sure she didn't think it had been an young pretty nudist accident I uncrossed my legs and spread them amateur young usenet wide enough to make my intentions known. When her eyes were fixed on my panties I reached under the table and rubbed my panties with my fingers. As I crossed my legs again I put my hand under my nose and smelled my fingers. The woman stood up and carried her water glass with her as she approached my table. She introduced herself and asked me if I minded if she joined me for lunch. I told her that I thought that would be lovely and invited her to be seated. I was only having a salad. She ordered her lunch and we chatted for a few minutes about nothing in particular and then she casually commented that she thought my panties were darling. I smiled and said, "I did it just for you". She reached across the table and held my hand briefly. We sat there chatting Boys gay young as we ate. When we were finished eating and the waiter came young gay pictures to the table she ordered both of us a very decadently sweet desert. As we were eating she casually invited me to join her for young teens dutch coffee at her home. hot young cheerleaders I accepted her invitation and she paid both of our bills. She walked me to the valet parking attendant and gave him her parking stub. When they pulled up a silver Volvo she headed for the drivers side and tipped him. She leaned across the inside of the car and opened the passenger side for me. She drove to a gated community and gave a uniformed guard a smile as we drove past him. The home looked like a mansion to me. It was large and airy. When we entered she removed her coat and tossed it on a chair as she headed directly to the kitchen. young kids nacked She began making coffee as she told me young russan teens to make myself comfortable. I really couldn't feel comfortable because the place looked like it was a library or something. There was nothing casual about the place. I was looking around the room at all the formal furnishings when she came in with two cups of coffee. When I tasted the coffee it had a cinnamon flavor. Rather than asking me to sit she led me directly illegal youngsex 12 to her bedroom. It was all furnished in bleached oak and young petite virgin the bed was covered with a pale green satin quilted spread. She sat her cup down on the night stand and pulled me to her and kissed me on the mouth. The kiss was very passionate and I melted into her arms. As young girl sex her tongue entered my mouth she began undressing me. With a little help from me I was soon down to my panties stocking and pumps. She stood back to admire my body. She commented on how nice my small breasts looked as she leaned over and placed her mouth over my areola. When she removed her lips the young movie porno nipple was ringed with a trace of her lipstick. She stepped back and untied the scarf around her neck. I watched as she removed her clothes. Her slip, bra, panties and nylons all matched. Her body was soft and a little full but it was still a very attractive figure. You could tell very youngporn teen that her pubic hair was trimmed but it looked very natural. Gravity was pulling her breasts down and the areolas were stretched into ovals. The nipples were pointing slightly towards the ground. The woman sat me on the satin spread and it felt cool and it was very slippery. She knelt down and removed my pumps and then she pushed me back onto the bed. I had thought she was going to remove my panties and nylons at that point but she didn't. She lay next to me and kissed me on the mouth again. She toyed with my nipples with her finger tips. As she pushed her tongue between my lips she ran her finger tips down my body. I felt her long manicured nails running across my skin. When she reached my panties she cupped my crotch with her hand and stroked and squeezed it until my panties were even warmer. I felt my own juices making the material wetter. She tokyo young nude brought her hand to her face and smelled each finger before she inserted her hand under the waistband of my panties. I spread my legs for her and moaned when one of her long fingers slipped between the crack of my pussy. She was in no hurry to masturbate me. She took her time and resisted my efforts to push her hand harder against my pussy. She was just teasing me. Her finger softly grazed my cunt as she traced the valley all the way down to my sphincter." As Harriet was telling Shelly about this adventure she allowed the whores arabic young porn fingers to seek out her asshole and enter it. "The woman forced her finger into my asshole and I all but climaxed at her touch. I cried and pleaded for her not to stop when she pulled her hand out of my panties. She got on her youngest russas knees and held my hips as she bent over and kissed the front of my wet panties. When she lifted her head I could see kds young jpg the trace of her lips where her red lipstick had left a mark. She rolled my panties down and pulled them off of my legs as she admired my young pussy. She sat there tracing the outline of my pubic hair with her fingers. As you can see I shaved my pussy until there is just thin strip above my cunt about two inches long. I think that, in my panties, it gives the effect that my cunt crack was longer than it really is. The woman bent forward and kissed my cunt and I felt her long tongue invade the valley. When her tongue touched my clitoris I jumped. I wrapped my legs around her head so that she could not tease me any more. She whipped my clit around with her tongue until I was sweating. Her tongue found my vagina and I felt her press her face against me so hard that her tongue actually touched my cervix. She was so adept at licking cunt that she kept me on the edge of climaxing for what seemed like an eternity. child young xxx young shaved vaginas I was crying and pleading for want of sexual release. With my legs around her head she lifted my butt off the bed and wiped the crack young prteen porn of my ass until her finger was coated with my sweat. Then she sexy girls young pushed two fingers into youngest baby porn my rectum. I immediately climaxed in a volley of young dark porn screamed obstinacies. I called her the foulest names and used every dirty word in my vocabulary as my body responded to the things she was doing to it. She sat up and moved to the head of the bed where she picked up her cold coffee and drained it. When hot young mom she sat the cup down she picked up a silver cigarette young porn pix case and opened it with one hand. She offered me one and when I refused she put one filtered tip in her mouth and closed the case. She sat there lustily with her legs spread and her heels touching her butt. She picked up a lighter and inhaled deeply as she young naturists pictures lit her cigarette. When she removed the cigarette from her mouth she let some smoke escape from her lips and she inhaled it again up her nose. Then she blew the smoke towards the ceiling slowly. I rolled onto my tummy and moved into position to inspect her vagina. The labia were like two pink rubbery lips. As I parted them I was able to look directly at her hooded clit. non nude young I blew air at it and watched it move in response. I slid the hood away with the tip of my tongue and then kissed petite to young her clit and sucked on it until I could feel it swell. She moaned in appreciation and stroked my hair as I did. I could see her crotch all the way to her asshole. Surrounding her anus was a dark ring almost gray in color. I could not resist sucking and tonguing her clit while I inserted my finger into her puckered asshole. It went teenie young pussy in easily and she moaned approvingly. When she drew closer to climaxing she started slapping my ears with her thighs. Her squeals of delight as her hotyoungdolls body responded to her orgasm made me feel very proud of myself. I was young outdoor nudes actually in control of youngest teenage pics a sophisticated adult woman. When she recovered we talked for awhile and I promised to visit her anytime she wanted me. I gave her my cell phone number young nude before we showered and once we were dressed she drove me home. When I got to my room I got ready for bed and it wasn't until the next sexy young 16 morning when I youngest little lesbians was looking for my lipstick that I found five twenty dollar bills in my purse. I realized that she was paying me for my service and that by accepting the money this was the start of me becoming a lesbian prostitute." Shelly was so excited that she porn milf young was masturbating with one hand while she continued finger fucking Harriet's holes with the porno young beyond other. Finally the older women disengaged her hand from Harriet and went to her knees on the cold concrete floor. She pulled the girl's panties very young pussy aside and started sucking her pussy. She was still masturbating her own People unemployment young cunt at the same time. Harriet could care less that several women were watching this whore sucking her young pussy. Quite the contrary, young amateur girl she relished the fact that so many eyes were on her. In the morning a lawyer came to affect the release of the women that she had been picked up with. The woman had the lawyer make arguments for Harriet to get out as well. A deal was made with a judge that would insure that no scandal would hit the news and by clearing the women's record of course meant that Harriet's record was lost also. The experience taught her that as long as she was going to be a lesbian prostitute she had better find a way to not only get her services out among the women that wanted young pussy but also that she needed a place to service these older women where no one would object and bring down the law on her. She had one of Catholic young adult her costumers set her up in extream young porn a hotel room where no one would bother a working girl. The place was a hangout for some of the most prominent people in the town. Everything from doctors and lawyers, judges, elected officials and law enforcement individuals kept both boys and girls there for their amusement. No cop would dare bust the place. He might be confronted by his youngest mpegs own boss. Harriet managed to locate the same streetwalker she had shared a cell with and brought her home with her. She cleaned her up and kept her around to act as her mother and maid and shared the proceeds of their activities. She would dress her up to please the taste of her customers. Sometimes as a mother figure to put on a mother daughter young hungarian nude incest act. At other times she would be stripped of everything but a black and white apron when she was acting as a love slave. Shelly was required to lick anything the customer asked for. A task she eagerly accomplished with her professional tongue. Harriet continued seeking out customers by exposing her panties and bringing them back to where she and the whore could ply their trade. After all the customers were gone the two women lived as a mother and daughter that slept together.I hope you enjoyed the story and have a story you would like told please send your mail to
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